WEEK 17 – janesmasterkey

In Lesson 17 it reminds me how important Intuition is.  This is what I plan on working on.  I find that sometimes when I get something that comes from my intuition, my mind gets in there and second guesses me.

17.23.  “Intuition arrives at conclusions without the aid of experience or memory.  Intuition often solves problems that are beyond the grasp of the reasoning power.  Intuition often comes with a suddenness that is startling.”  Maybe because it is startling, my mind gets in the way and starts doubting.

As it said in 17, this will weaken your intuition because “if the intuitive visitor is given a royal welcome when he comes, he will come again; the more cordial the welcome the more frequent his visits will become, but if he is ignored or neglected he will make his visits few and far apart.”

OK this means that I must work on recognizing my intuition!  I should follow it and recognize it when it comes, and quit letting my conscious mind talk me out of it.

I am so thankful that I have taken this #MasterKeys Class.  Sometimes when we have studied this type of thing for a long time, we get things but we don’t know exactly what is happening because we don’t know what to do with it or what it is.  The #MasterKeys helps guide you along the path and understand what is happening along the way.  Thank you everyone who is on this path with me.  You are all so supportive and I am truly thankful!



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