WEEK 17A – janesmasterkey

WOW!  What a webinar that was!  It was well worth the wait.  I wasn’t able to be on live, so had to wait for the rebroadcast.  I must say, the team did an outstanding job!  I loved the video!  What an inspiration Aimee is!

I recognized the stages that we go through.  Sometimes fear gets in the way of the call and the “subby” reverts to our old blue print and doesn’t want to get out of its comfort zone.  However, when you do, it is so stimulating, exhilerating and exciting.  We have our guides that help us go through the process and this time it is the #MasterKeys.  You have to do the job, but they are there to help point the way.

Joseph Campbell is one of my favorites.  I have the whole series with Bill Moyers, and I have most of his other books.  Three years ago, I started on a new journey of self-discovery.  My husband and I have been studying for a very long time, but until he passed away three years ago, I felt that I was just following him.  I had no idea who I was, because I was either his wife or my daughter’s mother.   When he got sick, we moved away from the family to a warmer climate.  He kept saying that he was doing this for me.  I couldn’t see how he was doing this for me.  We were moving away from my support group and I would be alone.  A few months after his passing, I realized what he was talking about.  I thank him so much for it.  If I would have stayed where we were, I would have been caught up in everyone else’s lives (my family, my friends) and not look to myself for what I wanted my life to be.

Now I’m alone and on my own self-discovery.  Thank God I found the #MasterKeys.  I am very excited about this new adventure!


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