WEEK 18 – janesmasterkey

As I have been reading through the Obituaries, I keep thinking of the poem “The Dash”.


Each one of those I have read have lived their “dash”.  Some obituaries describe in detail the lives the person lead, others just give a very short synopsis.

This brings me to the quote in the bible “I die daily”.  What exactly does that mean?  In reading this month’s scroll, “I will live this day as if it is my last!”,  it brings to my mind that actually it is my last!  We “die” every night when we go to sleep and resurrect every morning when we awaken.  Therefore, we have to live each day as if it is our last!  We can make plans for the future and remember the past, but all we can do anything about is now!  As the scroll points out, all we have is NOW!  We can’t live in yesterday and we can’t live in tomorrow.

 My thoughts on this is that if we live our lives that way, we will be much happier!  We can live the life we want in our visualizations and act as if it is now.  That will bring it into manifestation.  However, if we live in the now, we will enjoy what we have and appreciate those around us, enjoy nature and its beauty, and make the most of every day.  We can live our lives more as an observer and not be too attached to anything because we know this day is all we have.

NOW is all there is.  Appreciate it!  Live in it! and make the best of it!

I live this day as if it is my last!



5 thoughts on “WEEK 18 – janesmasterkey

  1. dbernstrom

    I love the perspective you’ve laid out here Jane. It is amazing how much we can learn from each other. I had never seen the dash poem before, I am going to print it out immediately and post it near where I sit. Thanks Jane!



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