WEEK 23 – janesmasterkey


I have been on many retreats where we were silent from 3 days to 10 days. I love the silence! It is like living in another dimension. Everything like the birds, flowers, nature becomes more noticeable. You can hear all the sounds around you, everything becomes more intensified. I think it is because you are living more in awareness. I live in a lovely house on a hill. I have neighbors, but you never see or hear them. I feel that I live in a retreat and sometimes it is hard for me to leave here and get out into the world. I have a lovely view and every morning I sit outside and enjoy the view and nature around me.

I don’t have the TV or radio on during the day. I have been accused by friends and family that I don’t like music. That is not true. I love music, but I love the silence more. There is a time and a place for TV or radio, but if you have them on all the time, to me it is just another distraction. I know people who have the TV on all the time, so they don’t feel alone.

This class has reminded me for the need to be in silence every day and just go within. It is a time to connect with Spirit, without distractions. After sitting in the silence, I never feel alone because, in reality, I am never alone! How can you be alone when you are one with everything and everyone! As I sit in the silence, I feel such peace. I feel that there is nothing negative happening unless it is happening within me. I don’t listen to the news, watch any programs on TV that are negative, and am more and more staying away from people who have a negative bent. I want my world to be loving, happy, healthy, full of service and the only way to have that is to give that. I am the one that creates my world!

I love reading the Giving and Receiving card everyday. It keeps my mind in the place where it should be. I use the Law of Substitution when something negative enters my mind. I find that is the law I use the most out of the 7 laws. This week I am working on Imagination from the Franklin Makeover list.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this Master Key Class. I don’t want it to come to an end. I have learned so much, but feel that I could learn so much more. I know that I haven’t fully taken advantage of all of the lessons and exercises in them, but even a little has gone a long way. I find there are certain exercises I gravitate to more and tend to concentrate more on those. Everyday I look at my movie poster on the wall every time I walk by it. That also keeps my mind in the right place. This may sound like a lot of rambling, but these are my thoughts and feelings, and I hope to continue on with doing the readings and exercises long after the class is over. It has helped keep me on track to self-discovery which is a life-long endeavor, but one which I feel we are on this planet to do and one that I have been searching for for a long time. I am so grateful to Mark and Davene for putting this program together and being so generous to share it. They have proven you can live these principles and be successful. Give more, get more!


3 thoughts on “WEEK 23 – janesmasterkey

  1. marilynrholloway

    I also spend a lot of time in silence — and, like you, never feel alone, but more connected! I think it is very often the noise we make that separates us from others — and from ourselves.


  2. dbernstrom

    A glorious creation and a glorious creator you are Jane! A special thank you for Albert’s letter to his daughter 🙂 I treasure knowing you, enjoy the silence… your post echos what I need more of, the silence is like the need for air to breathe for me and the more I have, the more simple and beautiful life is. You are awesome.



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