The Art of Thinking. MKMMA Week 17

I really liked this anology of thinking and art! Beautifully stated!



The art of thinking.

Have you ever considered your ability to think as an art?
As a fairly new artist I spend time focusing on the image of what I’m painting. I think about what colors to mix together to get just the right shade, value and depth. Then the brush strokes. Are the edges soft or hard. Where is the dark. Where is the light. The smallest touch of paint in the perfect place will make all the difference. I’m still learning and my paintings take dozens of hours of focused attention.
Now, can you imagine giving that much attention to your thinking?
Thousands of thoughts pass through our minds every day…spouse, kids, grand-kids, aging parents, work, customers, emails, Facebook, twitter, food, sleep, friends, exercise, how do I look, how do I feel, school, Angry Birds, baby shower, am I doing okay, jewelry, clothes, texting, business partners, the weather, the economy…

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WEEK 16 – janesmasterkey

I find it very interesting that “the vibratory activities of the planetary Universe is governed by a law of periodicity.  Everything that lives has periods of birth, growth, fruitage and decline.  These periods are governed by the Septimal Law.”

“The Law of Sevens governs the days of the week, the phases of the moon, the harmonies of sound, light, heat, electricity, magnetism, atomic structure.  It governs the life of individuals and of nations, and it dominates the activities of the commercial world.”  This is where numerology comes it, I suppose.  I wasn’t so sure about numerology and those that worked with the numbers.  However from what Hannel says in Chapter Sixteen, it now makes sense to me.  We are definitely moving into something new and I believe really big.

I believe that what we are learning in the Master Keys Classes, will help move the world in a new and better direction.  I think we will be needing more people on this track, and it gives me a greater understanding of what Mark and Davene and the Guides are working for (30,000 more people).  The more people that are growing their consciousness, the better the world as a whole will be.  I think it will help the whole world move upward in a more harmonious way.

“Those familiar with these cycles will not be disturbed when things seem to go wrong, but can apply the principle outlined in these lessons with the full assurance that a higher law will invariably control all other laws, and that through an understanding and conscious operation of spiritual laws, we can convert every seeming difficulty into a blessing.”

The exercises, the DMP’s, the right thinking, all these are but getting us prepared for a much bigger thing.  We are all learning to think right (it’s all in the thinking) and thus when the bigger events come along, we will all be prepared to help with a smoother transition.

“16.10.  Here we have a vision of the law, we see “cause and effect”, we see that thought necessarily precedes and determines action.  If we are wise, we shall come into a realization of the tremendous fact that no arbitrary condition can exist for a moment, and that human experience is the result of an orderly and harmonious sequence.”

We are learning  to “take our fate out of the hands of chance, and consciously make for ourselves the experiences which we desire, because when we consciously realize a condition, that condition will eventually manifest in our lives; it is therefore evident that in the last analysis thinking is the one great cause in life.”



After being gone for over a month and trying to keep up with everything (no try – do), I fell behind a bit.  I have been on the highway coming back home, but I want to say how invaluable the things we have done in the Master Key is.  I was able to keep up fairly well, because I brought my computer.  On the road when I had no internet, I was able to get the Lesson on the audio portion on my phone, and I want to thank the guides for reading the lessons.  That was invaluable.

I was also able to listen to my recordings.  That too was a great way for me to keep up with my promises and affirmations and DMP.  When we made those recordings, I wasn’t sure the reason, but I must say they certainly came in handy.

I am finally home and am re-reviewing the lessons for the weeks I was gone to see if I missed anything.  I listened to the webinars, but had a few interruptions during them since my great grandbaby took a lot of my time.  However, family is important and since I don’t see him very often, I wanted the time with him.  I didn’t give the focus that was required, so am very appreciative of the fact that we have the recordings to review.  I didn’t appreciate the website, and realize what a fabulous job everyone has done on it, until this past month.  What a fabulous job!  I can find whatever I need to catch up.

While I was gone, I received so many acts of kindness.  Sympathy cards, emails and condolences for the loss of my brother.  My house sitters cleaned my house so it was nice and clean when I returned.  Two separate friends took me out to an “Elvis through the Decades” show when I returned.

I’m glad to be home and knuckle down to getting my life back on track, but appreciate so much what I have and the people in my life.

I am nature’s greatest miracle!


Week 14 – janesmasterkey

I love week 14!  It really brings out to me that we are the creators and that we create with our thoughts.  I have known and studied about karma for many years, but really didn’t understand it until I started the Master Keys class.  I thought it was the things that you DID that created Karma and you would have to pay for those eventually.  However, in Lesson 14, it really jumped out at me that it is the THOUGHTS that do the creating and that create Karma.

“14,23   Thought is the only reality; conditions are but the outward manifestations; as the thought changes, all outward or material conditions must change in order to be in harmony with their creator, which is thought.”

This has made me much more aware of my thoughts.  All of the things we are learning in the Master Keys is helping us become more aware and more conscious of our thoughts.  Becoming aware is like waking up after a long sleep.  Sometimes it takes a while to wake up, but we do.

Happy New Year to all!  May this coming year be the best one ever!

WEEK 13 – janesmasterkey

Boy was Mark right when he said that this week was probably the time when your old blueprint would pop its ugly head and say things like:  I’m really busy with the holiday and all, I’ll do it twice tomorrow, etc., etc., etc.

When you are with the ones who helped build the old blueprint and you return to your old way of thinking and feeling like you used to feel, it is real battle and a constant observation to be on top of it and realize what is happening.  Keep flipping those cards and remembering the truth that one step at a time is not too difficult.

In helping my daughter with some projects, I ran across the following, which reminded me of giving and receiving:

Set your intention to say thank you to as many people as possible today, and then write about how they responded and how it made you feel.  What did this teach you about your daily life?”

I persist until I succeed!!




WEEK 12 – janesmasterkey

I’ve been a little behind this week and have been struggling with catching up.  I seem to have a little trouble focusing on things.  I have been doing my reading, cards, etc., but have not done them all (maybe only once or twice a day).  It’s been kind of hard to keep on the mental diet, with what’s been happening around me, but getting in lots of practice.  Last night, I offered an opinion, even stating that I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but did it anyway.  At least I feel that I’m aware.

I’m out of my environment, (which helps to be in) but if I’m going to learn to apply these principles, I can’t just be in my house and not be out in the real world to put them to the test.  When I’m home, I can always run back to my little cave.  However, being out and about, living with someone else, really puts you to the tests.  Reading the positivity cards and now the gratitude cards, really helps put the mind back where it should be.  Hopefully, I can get some of these people in the next #MasterKeyClass.  It would help everyone I know, and I would like to see those I love do it so they could all be on the same page.

Happy Holidays to all of my friends who are so supportive.  I know the year coming up will be fabulous for all of us!

WEEK 11 – janesmasterkey

This has been another rough week.  My brother passed away on December 8th.  Then I left for Washington to be with my daughter and her family for the holidays.  In Lesson 11 it says “Death is but the natural process whereby all material forms are thrown into the crucible for reproduction in fresh diversity.”  What that had to do with Lesson 11, I don’t know, but amazing how that was in this particular week!

I was struggling with what to write, and in today’s Digital Connection Davene said just write about your feelings.  Therefore, I’m going to write about my brother.

He was a wonderful man.  He didn’t know a stranger, everyone who knew him liked and respected him.  He remembered everyone’s name.  He had sky blue clear eyes and a warm and friendly smile.  A great sense of humor, and loved to laugh and tell stories. When he was little, he loved to make up stories and keep people entertained  with his tall tales.  He was very popular in school: class president, captain of the football team, King at the proms, etc.

He was a retired Army Colonel, having been in three wars.  After his military career, he was President of Oshkosh Truck, military division, where he built military vehicles.  I would say that he was a very successful man.

He traveled all over the world and had friends in all places.  Everywhere we went, he met someone he knew.  On one trip at 4:00 a.m. in the morning, we pulled into a gas station in Fallon, Nevada, and there was someone he knew.  Unbelievable!  We took many trips from Reno to Ely, Nevada, and every time, we stopped on top of Austin Summit (about 8,000 ft.) and looked at the stars.  They were so close, you could reach up and touch them.  (I promise to be a  grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, pausing often and noticing nature…).

To me he was not only my brother, but also my hero!  He had many of the qualities we are developing in the Master Keys and I often used him as an example of how  to develop good habits, love and treat others, and be persistent.

He and I discussed often, it’s not the quantity of life that matters, but the quality.  As stated above in Lesson 11, “Death is a natural process…”, but I will miss him tremendously, but happy he is out of pain and moving on to his next success.  God bless and keep my baby brother!